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Health and Safety Commission

Meeting Date: 14 January 2003 Open Gov. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None

Tuesday 14 January 2003 - 10.00 am in the Globe Room, Rose Court

Item No. Title Notes
1 Draft minutes of the meetings held on 3 December and matters arising
HSC/M17/2002 Item 7 Partially closed
Exemption 2
No embargo
Urgent business not covered by items on the agenda  
3 ERTMS - Commission advice to ministers HSC/03/02


Partially Open
No embargo
4 Proposed Physical Agents (Electromagnetic Fields) Directive HSC/03/16
Partially open
Fully Closed
Paras 17 - 20
Exemption 2
No embargo
5 Rail Safety Levy HSC/03/17

Fully Open
No embargo
6 Amendment to the Police Health and Safety Regulations
following the Police Reform Act 2002

Partially Closed
Paras 7, 8, 9, 13, 16, 21
Exemption 2
No embargo
7 Any Other Business  
9 Proposals for maximum exposure limits and occupational exposure limits HSC/03/12
Fully Open
No embargo
10 Proposal for Biocidal Products (Amendment) Regulations 2003 HSC/03/123

Fully Open
No embargo
11 MoD Restricted Materials Steering Group HSC/03/14
Fully closed
Exemption 1
12 Report on HSE's consultation on amendments to the Pipelines Safety Regulations 1996 HSC/03/04
Fully open
No embargo
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 11 February in Rose Court *  These items are not expected to require substantive discussion and no presentation by HSE officials is planned.  If any Commissioner wishes to discuss a below-the-line item they should inform the Secretariat in advance of the meeting.MISC papers circulated since the last agenda was issued:
Decommissioning Nuclear Sites:  proposed revision of government policy (HSC/03/01)

Commission Secretary
January 2003

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