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Health and Safety Commission

Health and Safety Commission Agenda HSC/03/A04
Meeting Date: 8 April 2003 Open Gov. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None

Please note that we intend to group items 4, 5 and 6 and items 7 and 8

Item Title Notes
1 Minutes of the meeting on 11 March 2003 and matters arising: HSC/M03/03 Partially closed (Item 3).
Exemptions 2 and 4 of the Open Government Code of Practice
2 Urgent business not covered by items on the agenda  
3 Progress on the Stress Priority Programme and update on Management Standards: HSC/03/30
HSC/03/30a Partially open - Annex 3 exempt
No embargo
4 Accreditation of suppliers of Safety Critical Goods and Services: HSC/03/07
HSC/03/07b Fully open
No embargo
5 Review of railway (Safety Critical Work) Regulations 1994: HSC/03/09 Fully open
No embargo
6 Licensing of Drivers and Signallers: HSC/03/08
HSC/03/08c Fully open
No embargo
7 The Future of the Health and Safety Commission's Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee (AAIAC) HSC/03/20 Fully open
No embargo
8 The second Triennial Review of the Adventure Activities Licensing Scheme: HSC/03/38 Fully open
No embargo
9 Land Division presentation: HSC/03/13 No Paper
  Below the Line Papers:  
10 Approved Code of Practice Unloading Petrol Tankers: HSC/03/41
HSC/03/41a Fully open
No embargo
11 Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2003 - Approval of Codes of Practice: HSC/03/57
HSC/03/57b Fully open
No embargo
12 Control of Substances hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 - Consultation Document on Occupational Exposure Limits: HSC/03/44
HSC/03/44a Fully open
No embargo
13 Proposal to withdraw 15 "Unsafe" Occupational Exposure Standards HSC/03/46 Fully open
No embargo
14 Update on Work to Implement the Cableways Directive HSC/03/47
HSC/03/47f Fully open
No embargo
15 The Future of the Railway Safety Annual Report HSC/03/61 Fully open
No embargo
16 Merchant Shipping (Safety loading and unloading of bulk carriers) Regulations HSC/03/60 Fully open
No embargo
  Miscellaneous Papers Circulated since last meeting  
17 Amendments to the Railway (Safety Case) Regulations 2000 Update Misc/03/05 Fully open
18 Publication of Railways and Transport Safety Bill Misc/03/03 Fully open
19 HSC to produce official DWP version of the accident book Misc/03/08 Fully open
20 Publication of managing the accidental obstruction of the railway by road vehicles Misc/03/10 Fully open

Commission Secretariat
April 2003

Updated 2013-10-30