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Health and Safety Commission

Health and Safety Commission Agenda HSC/03/A08
Meeting Date: 5 August 2003 Open Gov. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None
Item Title Notes
1 Commission Discussion  
2 Draft minutes of the meeting held on July 15 and matters arising HSC/M07/03
3 Urgent business not covered by items on the agenda  
4 Spending Review 2004 HSC/03/120Closed Intranet embargo
5 Working at Height Regulations HSC/03/43
HSC/03/43a Fully Open No embargo
6 Future Pesticides Enforcement HSC/03/108Fully ClosedIntranet embargo
7 A Consultative Document on proposals to introduce a new Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) Framework HSC/03/15 Partially open - Annex A (Exemption category 10: publication and prematurity in relation to publication)No embargo
  Below the Line Papers  
8 Discussion Document on the Effectiveness of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Reg's 1981 HSC/03/73
HSC/03/73a Fully Open No embargo
9 DSEAR Reg's (2003) Approval of ACOP to support the Reg's HSC/03/59
HSC/03/59a Fully Open No embargo
10 Transfer of Carriage of Dangerous Goods work from HSE to DfT HSC/03/104 Fully open No embargo
11 2nd Five Year Review to the EU on the implementation of the Workplace Directive & the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive and an update on the Workplace (HSW) Reg's '92 Review HSC/03/109 Fully open No embargo
12 HSC Response to the Consultation Document issued by DTI's Operating and Financial Review Working Group on Materiality HSC/03/110 Fully open No embargo
13 Ratification of ILO Convention 104 HSC/03/89 Partially open - Annex 3 closed until after the Minister receives itNo embargo
  Miscellaneous Papers (Circulated since last meeting)  
14 Update on the EC Strategy for a future chemicals policy - REACH MISC/03/22 Fully openNo embargo
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