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Health and Safety Commission Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee (QNJAC)

17th meeting Globe Room, Rose Court, London, on 13 March 2001 at 10.30 a.m.


1. Welcome

Action - None

2. Previous minutes and matters arising

Action - Summaries of fatal quarry accidents currently being put on the HSE website:

Revitalising Health and Safety - Occupational health strategy to be made an agenda item for the next meeting

3. Revitalising HSC's Advisory Committees

Members to be issued with a copy of the discussion document when available

4. Explosives - developments: MSHER and COER

Action - Members to contact A Miller at Rose Court, London if further copies of the document are required. Alternatively e-mail him: with any items of concern

5. Noise Regs - developments

Action - None

6. Passport Training Scheme

Action - None

7. Electricity - proposed guidance

Members to send comments on the latest draft guidance to S Wright at Rose Court, London as soon as possible

8. Report on HSC funded projects:

Worker Reps, 00/01
Action - P Kirby, TUC will present a detailed evaluation report at the next meeting

College Curriculum, 00/01
Action - Members were asked to forward parts of their health and safety documents to EPIC for inclusion in the modules (company names will be anonymised)

Safety Check List, 01/02
Action - None

9. Hard Targets progress:

Action - None

10. Special HSE inspection programmes

Results of inspections in 00/01
Action - None

Initiatives for 01/02
Transport: particularly provision and use of seatbelts
Working at heights: face edge protection
Tips and excavations: provision of rules

11. Drugs and Alcohol - QPA initiative

Action - None

12. Idea for health and safety award

Action - Agreed for an annual award to be presented by HSE to a professional body which has made a great contribution to health and safety, this years award to be presented at the Hillhead Exhibition

13. Application for membership of QNJAC

British Aggregates Association membership was agreed

14. Encouraging professional management

Action - QNJAC Subcommittee Education and Training to explore this issue

15. Any other business

Action - None

16. Date of next meeting

2nd October 2001

Published on the HSE Web site; with decisions 2 May 2001

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