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Health and Safety Commission Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee (QNJAC)

6th meeting Globe Room, Rose Court, London, on 3 October 2000 at 10.30 a.m.


1. Welcome

Action - None

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Action - Summaries of fatal accidents to be put on the internet. Information that members wished to pass onto each other could also be done through the open forum on the internet

3. Revitalising Health and Safety

Action - Copies of the booklet 'Revitalising Health and Safety' are available from:-

Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions
Free Literature Service
PO Box 236
Wetherby LS23 7NB
West Yorkshire

4. Hard Target Initiative

Action - Companies or Organisations who would like to formally sign up to the hard targets initiative should contact the HSE office in Cardiff, were an individual copy of the pledge will be prepared.

5. Special HSC funded No 1 - Higher Education Syllabus

Action - None

6. Special HSC funded project No 2 - Training of Worker Representatives

Action - None

7. Passport Training Scheme

Action - None

8. NVQs for Quarrying Managers and Supervisors

Action - None

9. QNJAC Subcommittee on Transport

Action - A working party currently being set-up membership required.


Action - The Chairman to seek members views on the possibility of the Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) becoming a full formal Industry Advisory Committee (IAC).

11. Role of Quarry Factfile

Action - None

12. Any Other Business

Action - A guidance document for providing training to employees and contractors in the USA has been produced by the MSHA and would form a useful basis for training in the UK. It is available off the internet:

13. Dates of next meetings

13 March 2001
2 October 2001

Published on the HSE Web site; with decisions 30 November 2000

Updated 2009-05-21