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Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee (QNJAC):
Declaration on engaging the workforce

In 2004 HSC/E published a “Collective declaration on worker involvement”, which includes recognition of the “positive impact trade unions have on health and safety performance” and that “trade union safety representatives through their empowered role in consultation show the strongest relationship with safety compliance”.

The Declaration also recognises the challenge of encouraging active worker involvement in health and safety in non-unionised workplaces (such as the majority of quarry workplaces), and the need for innovative ways to promote and support such involvement.

In response the QNJAC has developed an industry specific Declaration, agreed in October 2005.

QNJAC declaration on engaging the workforce

Statement of principle

Every worker has a right to work in places where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled.

Every worker should have a voice and will be given opportunities to influence health and safety in the places they work.

We actively promote positive relationships between all people working on our sites, and those having control of work. We recognise the role that worker and union safety representatives play in improving worker health and safety consultation.

We will:

  • Expect all workers to get involved;
  • Encourage operators, employers, contractors and others in control of workplaces to ensure that workers are listened to and given real opportunities to help improve their working conditions;
  • Encourage operators, employers, contractors and others in control of workplaces to ensure that sufficient resources, including training, are made available to improve worker consultation;
  • Develop and share good practice in the industry.

Our aim is to achieve a long-term culture change in the quarry and related industries, in order to improve working conditions for everyone.

Updated 2009-05-21