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Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee (QNJAC): Agenda 10 March 2010

10.30 a.m. HSE's Offices at: 1 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8HS.

Time No Item Action required Speaker (* advance paper provided)
10.30 1. Welcome, Apologies, Previous Minutes   Chair 
10.35 2. Matters Arising   Chair
10.45 3. Target Zero progress report For information Rose Bricis, HSE
11.55 4. Target Zero: interim targets  For agreement Phil Smith*
11.05 5.
  1. CD229 Consultation document on revisions to Quarries Regulations 1999 Approved Code of Practice
  2. Review, and update on CD225 Consultation on Legislation to Transpose the Directive on the Identification and Traceability of Explosives Law
  3. Progress with Extractive Industries Waste regulation
  1. For information
  2. For information

  3. For information
David Pascoe, HSE
11.25 6. Drill Rig Guarding Standards  For information Rory Graham, IMS Solutions
11.45 7. MIRMGate: Global Safety Risk Management: Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table - see additional information below. For information Prof. Jim Joy, Dir Minerals Industries Safety & Health Centre
12.15 8. Dust initiative update For information Jayne Sturmey, HSE
12.30 9. QNJAC Occupational Health Guidance Sheets For consultation Mark Underwood, TZero Occ Health WG*
12.45 10. Drilling and Blasting toolbox talks For agreement Brian Rostron*
12.55 11. Quarries Regs, Reg 8 QNJAC guidance sheet For discussion Roy Bush*
13.05 12. QCF qualifications - update For Information Andy Rotherham, MPQC
13.15 13. Operator skills cards/reciprocity issues For information Roseanne Haywood, MPQC
13.30 14. Worker involvement courses For information Neal Reynolds /Malcolm Mellow
13.40 15. Change to date of next meeting For agreement Chair
    Close and lunch    
Next QNJAC Meeting: 9 November 2010 at HSE office, Birmingham

Attendance at the QNJAC may be counted as CPD under the Institute of Quarrying scheme

Additional information:

14.15 - 15.15: An additional hour has been allocated following lunch for those wishing to cover any issues arising from Prof Jim Joy's presentation during the QNJAC meeting.

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