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Motor vehicle repair health & safety forum

Eighth Meeting Tuesday 14 May 2002
HSE Offices, McLaren Building, 35, Dale End, Birmingham B4 7NP


J Malcolm  SAFed
P Concannon  Communication Workers Union
Paul Cooper  Motor Dealers Safety Group
A Bird  Vehicle Builders & Repairers Association
D Littlewood Signum Publications
I Holmes Sigerson Associates
P Barlow Retail Motor Industry Federation
J Brazendale  HSE, Safety Policy Directorate
R Gibson Association of British Insurers
J McAlinden  HSE, Technology Directorate
S Green  Association of Colleges
S Dean Vehicle Inspectorate
A Haggan HSE, Northern Ireland
I Chisholm Society of Operations Engineers
R Holdcroft  Engineering Employers Federation, West Midlands
M Whitley  Transport & General Workers Union
P Preece Birmingham City Council
M Hooker Solihull MBC
D Innes Scottish Motor Trade Association
B Revans Freight Transport Association
J Nelson Garage Equipment Association
T Gallier UNISON
R Stacey Road Haulage Association
I Philpott  Institute of the Motor Industry
R Dawson Institute of Vehicle Recovery
M Eagle Motor Vehicle Repair Association
L Fernandes British Coatings Federation
J Powell  HSE, Engineering Sector (Chair)
M Hawkeswood HSE, Engineering Sector (Secretary)
A Richards  Autoclimate (Observer)

1. Apologies for absence and introduction of guests and new members

John Powell introduced several new members to the Forum. He thanked David Powell for all his work for the Forum during his time on the Engineering Sector.

Apologies for absence were received from D Reed, Motor Importers Safety Group; I Lewis, Motor Insurance Research Repair Centre; R Walker, SMMT; S Forster, RMIF; R Jones, Institute of Vehicle Recovery; S Pratt, AEEU; E McDonald, TGWU; C Copelin, Confederation of Passenger Transport; P Harvey, CACFOA; R Chesney, Institute of Automotive Engineering Assessors.

2. Matters arising from minutes of meeting on 4 December 2001

John Powell apologised for the lateness of the last minutes. He was waiting for publication of the HSE Information Document 'Application of PUWER & LOLER to MVR' so that it could be sent out with the minutes. He advised members that there was a mistake in the copy of ID 803/69 that was enclosed with the minutes. A revised version has now been published and can be downloaded from the HSE website.

New legislation is being introduced concerning 'Managing asbestos in buildings'. HSE leaflet INDG 223 'Managing Asbestos in premises' has recently been revised.

New requirements to reduce the risks from vibration are required to comply with the Physical Agents Directive. The Council of Ministers and theropean Parliament have now agreed a reduction in the daily exposure action value for whole-body vibration from 0.6 to 0.5m/s2. Methods of measurement can be found in the Annex to the Directive ISO 2631 - 1 (1997).

The HSC Newsletter, published every two months, contains reports on progress withropean issues and includes an HSE contact name for further information. The Newsletter is available on subscription through HSE Books.

Members voiced concern thatropean legislation is being introduced that is unenforceable. It is unclear whether the intention is to make compensation claims easier.

There is no further information on proposed changes to the Enforcing Authority Regulations. It is expected that the Consultative Document will be published in June 2002.

The BCAS/GEA scheme for Registered (Compressed Air) Service Engineers is still going ahead. BCAS are waiting for the first people to complete the course before assessing the impact and taking the issue forward.

3. New HSE guidance on 'Safe working with vehicle air-conditioning systems'

HSE leaflet INDG 349 'Safe working with vehicle air-conditioning systems' has now been published. Copies were distributed to members as requested. A Press Release on the new leaflet was imminent. John Powell thanked all who had contributed to the publication, particularly the members of the Forum WG and Andy Richards of Autoclimate. The Engineering Sector has a limited number of the unfolded version of the leaflet available. Members were requested to advise John Powell of their requirements.

Peter Barlow advised the meeting that the mandatory registration scheme is still under discussion with DEFRA, DTI and the accredited Training Industry Board. It will be a few months before any decisions are made.

4. Proposals for the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (CD 180) and Proposals for new petrol legislation: Phase 1 – Changes to workplace controls (CD 179)

John Brazendale, HSE Safety Policy Directorate, explained the proposals, particularly how they will affect the motor vehicle repair (MVR) industry. The Consultative Documents (CD) were published earlier in the year with a closing date for comments of 20 May 2002. New Regulations are expected to come into force in September 2002. Copies of the CDs can be downloaded from HSE website or can be obtained by contacting John Brazendale or John Powell.

5. Accessing occupational health and safety advice on the Internet.

John Powell demonstrated how to access to HSE's website, He showed members where they could obtain information on the work of the HSE/Engineering Sector, free publications and enforcement issues. He also advised of interlinks with HSE Books, HSE Direct (closed Dec 2009) and Incident Contact Centre (for RIDDOR reporting). If any member wished to interlink their health and safety website with HSE, they were asked to contact John Powell.

6. Recent HSE Publications

Two posters, 'Electric shock: first aid procedures' and 'Basic advice on first aid at work' have recently been published. Both are available from HSE Books, priced £7.50 each.

Also recently published, and available from HSE Books, is the revised free leaflet INDG 308 (Rev 1) 'Safe use of gas cylinders'.

7. Bodyshop WG Report

John McAlinden reported on behalf of the working group. HSE needs to establish a partnership with industry to establish exposure risks for SMART repairers who spray paints that contain isocyanates. To date, only one organisation that was thought to be using paints containing isocyanates in SMART repair work has been identified. However, this organisation has just advised the HSE that they no longer use such paints. It is hoped to persuade a spray booth manufacturer, paint manufacturer and one of the large motor vehicle dealerships to co-operate with an appropriate research project. Longer term, an HSE research project to identify isocyanate user industries will include SMART repairers as a specific group and not as part of MVR.

Use of air-fed, ori-nasal half mask RPE is acceptable, subject to a risk assessment though at best, they are only half as efficient as type LH3 air-fed visor.

Guidance on 'Safe working with paints containing isocyanates' and 'Ill-health in MVR' have been agreed by the Bodyshop WG and are now under consultation within HSE. These will be published as part of the series (5) of new Health and Safety Forum leaflets.

John McAlinden advised that he has attended meetings of the committee revising PG 6/34, the Secretary of States guidance under EPA for 'Respraying of road vehicles' to ensure there was no conflict with health and safety requirements.

8. Progress with MVR Forum workplan.

1. 'Safe use of petrol in garages' - INDG 331 now published.

2. 'Application of PUWER & LOLER to MVR' - ID 603/89 now published.

3. 'Safe working with vehicle air-conditioning systems' - INDG 349 now published.

4. 'Checklist for reducing ill health and accidents in motor vehicle repair'. INDG 356 is currently with the printers and should be published in June 2002.

5. 'Servicing and repair of LPG-fuelled vehicles'. Publication is anticipated in September 2002.

6. Spraying with isocyanates. This is out for consultation at present. Estimated publication in October.

7. Revision of HSG 67 and HSG 62. Work has been delayed, mainly due to availability of resources and other priorities, but also the request from members that the combined booklet is published in the same style as 'Health and Safety in Engineering Workshops' (HSG 129). The present documents have recently been reprinted. They are technically correct but there have been a number of changes to the legislation since they were first published. Both documents are available on the Internet by subscription to HSE Direct. (HSE Direct close Dec 2009 - See HSE Books)

9. Future work for MVR Forum

Suggestions for future work included:

1. A perspective on DSEAR – guidelines specific to MVR.

2. Dispensing in non-retail petrol applications.

3. Dermatitis (According to an RMIF survey, this is the most significant cause of ill health in MVR.)

The roadside repairs safety initiative has been overtaken by the Inter-Agency committee on work-related road traffic accidents. John Powell will advise on the present position with this work at the next meeting.

10. FOD priorities for 2002/03.

Priorities for 2002/03 include Falls from height, Workplace transport, MSD, Slips & trips, Stress, HAVs, Noise and Occupational asthma. These priorities are part of HSE's 'Revitalising' initiative and apply to all work activities. Routine inspections will be concentrating on these issues except where the inspection is carried out by a trainee inspector. The investigation of fatal and major injury accidents and complaints will not be affected by these priorities.

11. Any other business

Peter Barlow highlighted an incident at an MVR garage that resulted in a prosecution by the Local Authority, although the particular premises had previously been inspected by HSE.

John Powell gave members copies of a warning notice from Shell that described 3 recent incidents in which mobile phones had ignited petrol fumes during fuelling operations. He also passed on a recent Internet report of a car mechanic working on the fuel tank of a car who was surrounded by flames when a mobile phone in his trouser pocket started to ring.

12. Date and venue of next meeting.

The next meeting of the MVR Forum will be held on 27 November 2002 at the Communications Workers Union Offices, London.

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