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The Interdepartmental Liaison Group on Risk Assessment 15th May 2001 at the Royal Academy of Engineering

Open Government Status: Open except
item 8, exemption 2

Council Chamber - 10.30 AM - 1.00 PM


  1. Introductions
  2. Minutes of meeting held 7 November 2001. Open Government Status: Fully Closed (Exemption 2)
  3. Matters arising (ILGRA/MAY01/01).
  4. Progress on:

    - Departmental Risk Management Frameworks (ILGRA/MAY01/02) 
    (Cabinet Office) Open Government Status: fully Closed (Exemption 2)

    - Government Statement on Risk - Oral Item (Cabinet Office) 
    (Open Government Status: Fully Closed (Exemption 2)
  5. BSE Inquiry
    Lessons to be learned from the report of the BSE Inquiry (ILGRA/MAY01/03) (Food Standards Agency)
    Supplement to Paper 3 (ILGRA/MAY01/03/Supplement) (Food Standards Agency)

    Risk and public health : addressing the concerns in the Phillips' Report (ILGRA/MAY01/04) (Department of Health)
  6. Improving collaboration in managing "Interdepartmental risk" (ILGRA/MAY01/05) (Secretariat)
  7. Promoting responsibility for risk management (ILGRA/MAY01/06)(H M Treasury) Open Government Status: Fully Closed (Exemption 2)
  8. Open Government Status: Withheld (Exemption 2)
  9. Working together on risk issues across Government - progress and suggestions for the way forward (ILGRA/MAY01/08) (Secretariat)
  10. Any other business and date of next meeting.

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