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28 June 2012
Room 1, LG House, Smith Square, London

11 am - 13.00 pm


Item No: Time (approx) Item Presented by:
1 11.00 Introduction Kevin Myers
2 11.10 Minutes from last meeting Kevin Myers
3 11.15 Local Government update
The future of regulatory services in Wales: Paper H13/01
Colin Alborough
Steve Miller
Kim Pugh
David Evans
4 11.45 Data Collection
Paper: H13/02
Elaine Harbour
Head of LAU
5 12.00 A National Code for Local Authorities
Paper: H13/03
Elaine Harbour
Head of LAU
6 12.40 Terms of Reference revision
Paper: H13/04
Elaine Harbour
Head of LAU
7 12.50 AOB  
  13.00 Close & lunch  
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