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4 July 2011

HSE Birmingham Office, Hockley meeting room

11.00 am - 2.00 pm


Item No: Time Item Presented by:
1 11.00 Introductions/ Apologies and Minutes from last meeting Nick Powell
2 11.05 Update on developments affecting partnership working since last HELA meeting Nick Powell
3 11.30 LA delivery of the Government’s H&S reforms (Author : Elaine Harbour)
Paper H11/01
Elaine Harbour
Head of LAU
4 12:00 Future Governance arrangements (Author: Tracy Hamilton)
Paper H11/ 02
Elaine Harbour
Head of LAU
5 12.30 Cost Recovery (Author: Gordon Macdonald)
Paper H11/03
Gordon Macdonald
Cost Recovery Lead
  13.00 Lunch  
6 13.30 Data Collection from Local Authorities (Author : Sue Cutler)
Paper H11/04
Elaine Harbour
7 13:50 AOB  
  14:00 Close  
  2pm til 3pm Next steps  

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