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Mining Industry Committee
Tuesday 24 February 2009, 10.30am

Mansfield Mines Rescue Station


  1. Introduction and Apologies
  2. Minutes of last meeting (MIC/M/21102008)
  3. Matters arising
  4. Accident Statistics (MIC/24022009/1)
  5. Inhalable dust Regs update - I Waugh/Operators
  6. Mines Rescue Service - B Jones
  7. Proposed change to HSE criteria for qualification for coal mines - I Waugh
  8. Plastic Pipes - P W Goodier
  9. Training developments - A Watson
    1. Mining Supervisors
    2. Mines Rescue Officers
    3. Mine Operatives
    4. “Train to Gain” funding
  10. Extreme Trauma WG - feedback from initial meeting - R Quinlan           
  11. Standing Committees report to MIC   
    1. Occupational Health in Mines (MIC/24022009/2)
    2. Engineering Liaison Committee (MIC/24022009/3)    
  12. Any other business
  13. Date and venue of next meetings: 30 June 2009, 20 October 2009
  14. Close

The Committee:

  1. noted trends in accidents and ill health in the coal mining industry
  2. continued review of compliance with the Inhalable Dust Regulations and noted audit had taken place – results awaited.
  3. received a report on a number of issues from the Mines Rescue Service
  4. noted recent developments in training and qualification for the mining industry
  5. received presentation on “Yellowmine” PVC piping
  6. received an update on National Occupational Standard for Craftsmen/Technicians
  7. received progress report from the Extreme Trauma Working Group
  8. Standing Committees report to MIC – Occupational Health in Mines and Engineering Liaison Committee papers accepted
  9. noted dates of future meetings
Updated 2009-05-29