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Mining Industry Committee

Conference Room BACM Doncaster

10.30am, Tuesday 7 November 2006


  1. Introduction and Apologies
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Matters arising
  4. Inhalable dust Regulations
    I Waugh
  5. Accident Statistics
    I Waugh
  6. Extractive Industries Waste Regulations
    (MIC/07/11/2006/1) - R White
  7. Standing Committee's report to MIC
    • 7.1 Escape and Rescue from Mines WG
      (MIC/07/11/2006/2) - I Waugh
  8. Mines Rescue Service
    B Jones
  9. Safety Performance indicators - update
    D Mitchell
  10. Any other business
  11. Date and venue of next meetings:
    • Wed 21 February 2007, Mansfield Rescue Station
    • Tues 12 June 2007 - venue to be confirmed
    • Tues 23 October 2007 - venue to be confirmed
  12. Close

The Committee:

  1. reviewed progress with the legislative renewal programme
  2. noted trends in accidents and ill health in the coal mining industry
  3. reviewed progress with the legislative renewal programme
  4. reviewed work of Escape & Rescue from Mines Working Group
  5. received report from the Mines Rescue Service
  6. reviewed Safety Performance Indicators for the mining industry
  7. discussed use of alternative "high visibility blue lights"
  8. noted date of next meetings
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