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Agenda Number: DMCIAC/A/151002

Health and Safety Commission

Deep Mined Coal Industry Advisory Committee

Thirty-First Meeting

10.30am, Tuesday 15 October 2002


  1. Introduction and Apologies
  2. Minutes of Thirtieth meeting (DMCIAC/MIN/30/02)*
  3. Matters arising
  4. Legislative Renewal Programme
    • 4.1 Mines Waste Directive
    • 4.2 Inhalable dust
  5. Accident Statistics *
  6. National Mines Rescue Scheme 2000 (DMCIAC/151002/1)*
  7. Ultra sonic spray dust suppression
  8. Update on scientific support work, Fire Detection WG (DMCIAC/151002/2)*
  9. Any other business
    • 9.1 Free standing support guidance (DMCIAC/151002/3)*
    • 9.2 Harmonisation of Safety Reps and Safety Committees Regs 1977 DMCIAC/151002/4)*
  10. Date and venue of next meetings
  11. Close

The Committee:

  1. noted progress with the legislative renewal programme
  2. noted trends in accidents and ill health in the coal mining industry
  3. supported the proposal to amend the schedule to the Mines Rescue Scheme 2000
  4. received a presentation addressing ultrasonic dust suppression
  5. noted progress on scientific support work, Fire Detection Working Group
  6. noted the production of DMCIAC guidance "Guidance of the design, installation and use of free standing support systems (including powered supports) in coal mines"
  7. noted the dates of future meetings for 2003

Published on HSE website with decisions 24 October 2002

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