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CHARGE Agendas, papers and minutes

14 June 2001


1. Apologies and Chair's Introduction

ACTION: Chair to write to HSC expressing members concerns that: 

2. Minutes of Last meeting and Matters Arising

(a) Silica

ACTION: Secretary to seek clarification with the author, on the status of paper to be given at an international conference.

(b) Noise

(c) Publications
(d) Construction

3. Revitalising IAC's

4. Revitalising Health and Safety - Ceramics Industry 'Pledge'

ACTION: Secretary to pursue the arrangements for the formal signing by the HSC Commissioners in the Autumn.

5. CERIAC Work Plan - Future

ACTION: Any further comments on the content of the work plan to be passed to the Secretary by 2nd July.

6. CERIAC Work Plan - Current

(a) Silica

(b) Personal Protective Equipment
(c) Kiln Wreck Clearance

ACTION: (i)Secretary to enquire with other Sector Inspectors to consider whether guidance on this type of work could be extended to other industries (e.g. glass, steel etc.)

(ii) A working group is to be set up to discuss kiln wreck clearances and whether the guidance needs updating.

7. HSC Funded Training Bid

ACTION: Members to pass ideas on further training initiatives to the Secretary. One idea put forward was an interactive CD ROM.

8. Potteries Subcommittee

9. Ball Mills

10. High Visibility Clothing

ACTION: (i) Members to enquire whether their companies have encountered high costs and reduced performance due to laundering processes.

(ii) Members to inform Secretary if new product would be beneficial to them.

11. Any Other Business

(a) Concordat ACTION: (i) Members to pass any ideas on initial proposal to the Secretary.

(ii) Topic to be included on agenda for next meeting.

(b) Sulphuric Acid

(c) Metal Based Pigments

(d) Automated Brick Equipment

ACTION: (i) Industry representatives to meet to discuss current standards of guarding for brick machinery and way ahead.

(ii) Secretary to contact this group with a view to joining the discussions.

12. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 23rd October 2001, Rose Court, London

Published on the HSE web site with decisions 9 July 2001

Updated 2017-10-16