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ACDP Work plan for 2012/2013

Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP): Work plan for 2011/2012

  1. To formulate a common set of containment measures to apply to animal and human pathogens following the review of the regulatory framework for animal pathogens
  2. To maintain oversight of the work plan of the ACDP TSE Risk Assessment and TSE Risk Management Sub Groups*
  3. To publish the revised guidance on "Management of Hazard Group 4 viral haemorrhagic fevers and similar human infectious diseases of high consequence"
  4. To review the Approved List of Biological Agents
  5. To review and update existing ACDP published guidance according to agreed priorities
  6. To review the current UK situation with Lyme Disease
  7. To review the current UK situation with rabies
  8. To produce an annual report

Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens TSE Working Group: Work Plan for 2011/2012

  1. To review and update the current TSE guidance* (Parts 2 and 3 are currently under revision)
  2. To review Annex G of the TSE guidance* on specialist equipment
  3. To draft an additional annex of the TSE guidance* to provide comprehensive and up-to-date advice on surgical procedures involving medium risk tissue
  4. To review and update as necessary Annex J in collaboration with the Society of British Neurological Surgeons
  5. To update issues on Health & Safety and lab containment to the TSE guidance* in keeping with the new Single Regulatory Framework

*The TSE guidance referred to above is the "Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy agents: safe working and the prevention of infection" available from: ( The guidance was published in 2003 but individual sections are revised as further scientific information becomes available or future policy decisions need to be reflected.

Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens TSE Risk Assessment Sub Group: Work Plan for 2012/2013

  1. To assess the vCJD risks associated with the consumption of de-sinewed meat
  2. To review current research on prion disease in fish
  3. To review and update the risk assessment model for the transmission of vCJD via blood components
  4. To review TSE prevalence studies
Updated 2012-09-11