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Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens


The 72nd meeting of the ACDP took place on Wednesday 19 March 2003 at the Department of Health.


1. Chairman’s opening remarks

2. Apologies for absence

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 4 December 2002 - ACDP/M71

The minutes were approved without amendment.

4. Secretariat Report (including matters arising) - ACDP/72/P4 [32kb]
[Open Government Status: partially closed]

ACDP noted the contents of the report and its annexes. They were updated on other matters of interest including feedback from ACDP WG meetings held since the last main ACDP meeting (e.g. Categorisation Working Group, the Ad Hoc Working Group onropean Bat Lyssavirus - EBL2), feedback from other committees’ activities, and plans for next meeting of ACDP CL4 Working Group.

5. Revision of ACDP/SEAC Guidance on “Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy Agents: Safe Working and the Prevention of Infection”: consideration of Part 3 ‘Laboratory Containment’ & Annex D ‘Transport of TSE-infected material’ - ACDP/72/P5
[Open Government Status: fully closed]

ACDP considered the reviewed and amended Part 3 and Annex D of the draft guidance. They agreed the submission of the completed sections to HSC and DH Ministers for approval subject to the inclusion of some final comments made at the meeting.

6. Guidance on Handling Influenza A Virus Subtype H5N1 Samples - ACDP/72/P6
[Open Government Status: fully closed]

ACDP commented on a draft statement of interim advice on working with this strain of virus. Secretariat will amend the draft to reflect comments received and recirculate a revised version to Members for their agreement, and approval to publish. It will be published via the ACDP’s Biological Agents Bulletin, ACDP’s Website, and the new Health Protection Agency’s website.

7. Workplace interventions and controls to aid the prevention of human brucellosis in the farming community in Northern Ireland - ACDP/72/P7
[Open Government Status: fully closed]

ACDP noted the actions taken to date, and provided advice to HSE NI on the areas of uncertainty still remaining that had been outlined in the paper P7. Members will be kept updated on further developments.

8. Infection at Work: controlling the risks – final draft - ACDP/72/P8
[Open Government Status: fully closed]

Members considered a final draft and commented on the contents. One suggestion put forward for consideration was that it might be an appropriate publication to publish in other languages in addition to English. Secretariat agreed to accept further drafting comments outside of the meeting before the final version of the guidance is put to HSC, and DH Ministers, for approval.

9. Guidance for dealing with cases of Smallpox and Viral Haemhorrhagic Fevers (VHFs) in the event of a bioterrorism emergency - ACDP/72/P9
[Open Government Status: paper fully closed, the annexes to paper (deliberate release guidelines by topic) available via the PHLS website.

ACDP noted progress made on the issues and provided further suggestions and advice on the content of guidelines under development. Members also agreed the convening of an ad hoc ACDP WG that will examine specific topics in more depth (e.g. laboratory handling and patient care). They will report back findings to main ACDP.

10. West Nile Virus Contingency Plan - ACDP/72/P10 [22kb]
[Open Government Status: fully open]

ACDP noted the paper and asked to be kept up to date on progress.

11. Classification of Mobala Virus - ACDP/72/P11
[Open Government Status: fully closed]

ACDP asked to revisit the classification of this virus, along with other related viruses, at the June meeting of ACDP.

12. Reducing Risks Protecting People: HSE’s decision making process - ACDP/72/P12 [22kb]
[Open Government Status: fully open]

ACDP noted the contents of the paper, and the contact point for further information if required.

13. Any other business

Members noted that the ACDP Chairman would be presenting the ACDP’s Forward Look to HSC shortly.

14. Papers for Information

A selection of related papers for information were noted.

15. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 10 June 2003 at HSE

April 2003

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