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Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens


The 71st meeting of the ACDP was held on Wednesday 4 December 2002 at the Health and Safety Executive.


Chairman’s opening remarks

Apologies for absence

Minutes of the meeting held on 11 September 2002 ACDP/M70
Secretariat agreed to seek clarification from PHLS on the evidence of the effectiveness of treatments following Simian Herpes B Virus infection (draft paragraph 9.3).


Secretariat Report (inc. matters arising from the 70th meeting)            ACDP/71/P4 [16kb]          
ACDP noted the contents of the report and were updated on other matters of interest, including feedback from WG meetings held since the last main ACDP meeting (Containment Level 4 Working Group, TSE Joint Working Group, TSE Draft Guidance Working Group, Polio Working Group). ACDP were also advised the new Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 Regulations came into force on 21 November 2002, and the revised ACOP was available from 6 December 2002.


Simian Herpes B virus update ACDP/71/P5 [Open Government Status: Fully Closed]
ACDP commented on proposed new supplementary advice for the management of exposure to Simian Herpes B virus infection. ACDP asked the secretariat to clarify information about treatment with PHLS, and, subject to any further comments from PHLS, agreed the wording of the article that will publicise the information via the ACDP’s Biological Agents Bulletin & ACDP’s Website.


Biological Agents Forward Look ACDP/71/P6 [Open Government Status: Fully Closed]
Subject to a few minor amendments to the draft, Members agreed that the Chairman should send the ACDP Forward Look to HSC. This followed a request to expert committees from HSC for strategic advice on the scientific and technological trends and developments expected for 2004 and beyond, that could influence work activity involving biological agents.


Consultation on HSC/E Draft Strategic Research Outlook 2003 ACDP/71/P7 [Open Government Status: Fully Open] [12kb] 
ACDP noted the HSC/E’s draft research plans for 2003.


Laboratory Handling of potential deliberate release agents ACDP/71/P8 [Open Government Status: Fully Closed] 
ACDP discussed general principles for the safe handling of dangerous pathogens (such as those causing smallpox and viral haemorrhagic fever) in emergency situations. The detail of these principles will now be developed in full consultation with Public Health Laboratory Service & Department of Health officials (representing the interests of the new Health Protection Agency); and incorporated into updated interim guidelines currently available on the PHLS website. The HSE will keep their Minister up to date with the approach that is agreed as the advice produced will address health and safety at work issues.


Any other business
ACDP were made aware of the first confirmed case of rabies (EBL2) in the UK for over a century – caught from a bat in Tayside, Scotland. ACDP agreed to establish an ad-hoc WG of members, and other external experts, to consider the implications of the case and to conduct a risk assessment that would be reported back to the main committee in due course.

Papers for Information

Dates of Meetings in 2003

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Secretariat November 2002

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