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Susan Mackenzie

Director of Hazardous Installations

Susan Mackenzie

Susan Mackenzie was appointed as HSE's Director of Hazardous Installations Directorate in May 2014. She is responsible for the regulation of the UK's non-nuclear major hazards sectors: offshore oil and gas; onshore chemicals and petrochemicals, pipelines; explosives; mines and biological agents.

She joined HSE in 1991 as an inspector in London where she gained experience of regulating a wide range of manufacturing and services industries including chemicals, construction, engineering and local authorities.

In 1996, she became a Principal Inspector of Services in Birmingham, before transferring to Field Operations HQ to lead its quality management team in 1999. Later that year she was promoted to lead its Field Services Unit where her responsibilities included the development and implementation of legal and enforcement policy within FOD.

She joined HSE's Senior Civil Service in 2003 as Head of Personnel and held that post for three years.

Between 2006 and 2009, she was HSE's Head of Nuclear Operational Strategy, Planning and Finance.

In 2009, she joined HSE's Hazardous Installations Directorate as Head of Specialised Industries Division with responsibility for: major hazard pipelines; on-shore gas storage, transmission and distribution; mines; explosives and biological agents.

In 2013, she was appointed Head of the newly formed Energy Division with responsibility for oil and gas (on and offshore), major hazard pipelines and mines.

Updated 2014-05-19