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GAP 5: Control of statistical surveys - Guiding Principles for Good Survey Practice1

Establish the need

Consider the impact on business, the costs and benefits

Minimise the burden

Draw samples efficiently and fairly

Consult providers and users and test the survey

Make it easy, especially for small businesses

Design a good questionnaire...

...and a helpful introductory letter

Co-ordinate surveys

Follow survey control procedures


1 These principles were put together by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Further information on the National Statistics approach to compliance sosts is given in the Code of Practice Protocol on Managing Respondent Load, on the ONS website.

2 The IDBR is widely used for selecting samples of businesses for regular government surveys, and can help to control compliance burden (e.g. a small firm which has completed a form for one survey can be guaranteed not to be included in any others for a given period). For more information, see our note on IDBR use in HSE.

Updated 2009-01-06