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Licensed contractor

Most asbestos work must be undertaken by a licensed contractor but any decision on whether particular work is licensable is based on the risk.

Licensable work with asbestos is work:

You will require a licence if you are working with asbestos in any of the above ways as an 'asbestos contractor' on someone else's premises, or within your own premises using your own employees.

Licensed asbestos contractors will undertake a number of ancillary tasks as part of the asbestos removal process (unless they fall within work exempt from the need for licence – see 'Non-licensed work'), for instance:

Some other workers may also have an 'ancillary' license allowing them to do certain types of work, including:

Important: We will only grant a licence to those who plan to do work.

Although you may not need a licence to carry out a particular job, you will still need to make sure that you comply with general rules detailed under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 to prevent exposure to asbestos.

Please note: For most jobs, it is an offence to work with asbestos without a licence and you could be prosecuted.

If you wish to apply for a licence or renew an existing licence, and believe you have the required competencies to work with asbestos details on applying can be found on the application pages.

The illustration of asbestos work categories chart shows some examples of what work falls into the categories of licensed, notifiable non-licensed and non-licensed work. For more information on non-licensed work.

Updated 2012-12-12